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  • Each attendee receives their own individual box of food for their charcuterie board, food is never shared.
  • Our boxes for the classes our prepared in a health department certified kitchen.
  • You get a tray to keep to assemble your charcuterie board.
  • Liz Turnbaugh owner of My Charcuterie and The Board Room Libertyville will provide step by step instructions of how to assemble your board.
  • Since it is your own items you can eat your items throughout the class. Once your tray is finished, we will wrap it and you can bring home to enjoy
  • Open to all ages!

Please Note: Potentially nuts/products containing nuts will be served. Please consider this and notify us of any food allergies.

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April Theme: Spring Sweets

May Theme: Savory Spring


Private Charcuterie Class

Gather 10 or more of your friends, clients, or family and indulge in an exclusive charcuterie experience! Choose between an in-person session at The Board Room, My CharCUTErie Shop, or a venue/house of your choosing. During your class, Liz will expertly guide you through the art of charcuterie, sharing her renowned tips to craft the most exquisite—and adorable—charcuterie board imaginable!

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