My CharCUTErie and Salt of The Earth!

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At My Charcuterie catering, we believe in the power of attention to detail when it comes to pairing flavors with spa treatments. We know how important it is to not only meet your needs but exceed your expectations.

Our expertise is in delivering safe, mouthwatering charcuterie experience so you can relax even further!

Delicious Flavors. Stunning Presentations. Perfect Every Time.

Select from all shapes, sizes of long and/or round boards to create your perfect look. Play with all your favorite flavors, from sweet to savory and everything in between!

Elevate Your Spa Experience With Delicious Charcuterie!

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As Featured On NBC’s Chicago Today!

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ My Charcuterie’s arrangements can’t be beat! Food artistry meets amazing catering! The result is a fast for your eyes & mouth! – The Blue Room