Number & Letter CharCUTErie Boxes: Personalized Gifts

Starting at $48.00

Create the perfect personalized gifts when it absolutely matters by showing and telling someone how much you care about them with our NEW Number & Letter Charcuterie Boxes!

Also, we are able to add an additional “TH”, “ND”, “ST”.

*Note* Each number/digit or letter is an individual box. If you want a 2-digit number, you will be charged for 2 boxes.

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From the day you order our Number & Letter Boards, we require 7 business days to package and deliver them to you. You will not receive this item before the 7-day period is complete. We appreciate your patience.

Add a little bubbly with your order.

Add a bag with your order.

We select the freshest and highest quality cheeses, meats, produce, veggies, dips and nuts based on seasonal availability from our vendors each week. If you have a special request to include or exclude, please let us know and we will do everything we can to accommodate.

NOTE: prices may change.

Example: I’d like to include/not include gouda.

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