Due to industry shortages, some items may vary.

Monogrammed Legacy Walnut CharCUTErie Cutting Board & Matching Coaster Set


Give your friends & loved ones a beautiful, hand made, one of a kind legacy gift that can last generations.  Our monogrammed charcuterie board and coaster sets make for the perfect, personalized gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings and more!

Unlike mass produced boards found on volume sites, our boards are meant to last generations with only the most minimal of care.

Each personalized charcuterie board set is 100% original and hand made by local woodworking artisans.

Each Legacy Charcuterie Board Set Is:

  • Sourced from local, pre fallen trees
  • Solar kiln treated
  • Locally hand made using zero harsh chemicals
  • Simple to clean & care for
  • Truly one of a kind
  • The perfect “legacy” gift as they can last for generations

Each custom bundle includes:

  • 1 monogrammed cutting board (size is 6″-7″* wide and 16″ long)
  • 4 matching monogrammed walnut coasters

Due to COVID and slightly slower shipping times, please allow for between 10 – 14 days for your hand made, personalized one of a kind set to made, customized & shipped.  We will ship directly to you or your loved one in beautiful, recyclable, Instagram-worthy packaging!

How To Care For Your Legacy Collection: After use simply rinse with water & pat try with a towel.  Use any food grade oil and apply lightly to the entire surface of the board.  DO NOT run through a dishwasher.  The heat can cause warping & cracking.

*Because each set is created from a different pre-fallen tree, some minor size variation may occur