30x8 Lucite Tray


30×8 Lucite tray is a wonderful way to gather a few friends or family members around a beautifully arranged and delicious charcuterie centerpiece.

You’ll discover this popular tray to be heaping with a made-to-order blend of seasonal as well as traditional meats, cheeses, and produce.

Feeds 12-16

Add a little bubbly with your order.

Add a bag with your order.

We select the freshest and highest quality cheeses, meats, produce, veggies, dips and nuts based on seasonal availability from our vendors each week. If you have a special request to include or exclude, please let us know and we will do everything we can to accommodate.

NOTE: prices may change.

Example: I’d like to include/not include gouda.

The board and any additional glassware/flatware must be returned. You can drop if off or someone from our team can pick up the items from you. Please choose from options below.

Please Note:

There is a $15 equipment pickup fee added to each order, which can be refunded if you opt to return equipment within 48 hours of your event. (Instructions will be provided in your order confirmation email.)