Weddings & Receptions

Adding one of our trucks to your special day would be an absolute honor for us. Whether its serving your guests during a cocktail hour or providing service and drinks for the entire reception, we have you covered! We’ll create a custom quote that will include everything you’ll need to have a worry-free event! And yes, we will provide the kegged Prosecco and beer of choice. No running around trying to find someone that carries kegged Prosecco and dealing with that time consuming hassle.

College Graduation

Just beer on the taps? Of course! Rose, Prosecco or Champagne on the taps, why not? A combo of both… of course you can!

Birthday Parties

Whether it’s a 21st, a 90th or your child’s first birthday, we will make it a unique experience, that’s talked about long after the celebration is over. (Did we mention we can also do root beer?)

Pool Parties

Imagine having our Prosecco Truck pull into the backyard ready to serve chilled Prosecco and your favorite beer. We’re a small truck which means we’ll fit through some small openings!

Golf Fundraisers

There are so many golf fundraisers for corporations, schools, and other non-profits. Make your fundraiser better and different from others by having My Popup Bar is there to serve your guests.

Corporate Events

Reward your staff with a fun and unique happy hour for a job well done. We can provide service for 2-4 hours depending on your needs.

Anything Else!

We are huge fans of creating custom catering and beverage solutions to not just meet, but exceed your expectations! Reach out today and let’s get something amazing planed for you!

Customize Your Perfect Experience!

Renting lil Bit Bar is simple! Each 4 hour block of time starts at $975 and includes the truck, a Basset certified bartender, disposable bar-ware. Alcohol is additional and we are able to customize nearly every aspect of your experience!
Contact us today about elevating your event!